“The Property Management Brainstorm” Podcast: Episode 39

As a landlord or property manager, have you ever wondered what it would be like to rid yourself of the need for security deposits?

On Episode 39 of Bob Preston‘s “The Property Management Brainstorm” podcast, our very own R. Casey Winter dives into all areas of our deposit-free solution, including how it works, who qualifies, deposit legislation, and the critical need for returning deposits in response to COVID-19.

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[Webinar] Security Deposits & COVID-19: What Apartment Landlords Need To Know

, Partner at Rosenberg & Estis, joined Obligo COO & co-founder Omri Dor to discuss how owners are using deposits as rent, without sacrificing security and renter accountability. Josh and Omri also dive into the reasons why deposit alternatives are being used instead of concessions to attract new renters, and the legal and Executive Order requirements for using deposits as rent across different states.

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Propmodo: Technology Can Unlock Security Deposits in a Time When Renters Need It the Most

Until today, security deposits have been considered a necessary evil. Property owners need security that their property will be in pristine condition after a renter moves out, and they want to keep their renter accountable throughout the duration of the lease. But in today’s world, conventional deposits have become unnecessary. Think about the last time you checked into a hotel. Did the hotel require a security deposit? No, the hotel simply swiped your credit card, placed a ‘hold’ on a line of credit, and was then authorized to charge that credit line. Like a hotel check-in, technology now enables landlords to be preauthorized to charge renters up to a pre-agreed amount.

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