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What’s an Obligo Billing Authorization?

An Obligo billing authorization is an alternative to security deposits. It allows your landlord to bill you for damages in a limited and secure way.

Deposit-Free Living

Giving an Obligo billing authorization enables you to keep your cash deposit. You only pay if your landlord has a claim.

Obligo Keeps You Safe

Your Landlord can only withdraw a limited amount, and unreasonable claims may be disputed just like a normal deposit.

It’s Got Your Back!

Large claim? No problem!
With Obligo you can pay in installments.

How Does an Obligo Billing Authorization Work

Receive an invitation from your landlord

Follow the secure invite link and continue to our sign up wizard

Get an offer

Your fee is decided by the size of your billing authorization as well as our risk assessment algorithm

Setup Your Obligo Billing Authorization

Use our secure platform to set up the limited billing authorization in less than a minute!
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Already Paid a Deposit?

No sweat! You can release your existing security deposit by providing an Obligo billing authorization in its place.

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