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What’s an Obligo Billing Authorization?

An Obligo Billing Authorization is a secure and limited access to a bank account. It enables landlords to bill renters up to the deposit amount in case of a claim, effectively replacing security deposits.

Deposit-Free Living

Giving an Obligo Billing Authorization enables qualified renters to keep their cash deposit, and only pay if their landlord actually has a claim.

Obligo Keeps You Safe

Your landlord can only withdraw a limited amount, and unreasonable claims may be disputed, just like a normal deposit.

It’s Got Your Back!

Large claim? No problem!
With Obligo you can pay in installments.

Join Our Community

Our community of deposit-free buildings keeps growing. Qualified renters will not be required to pay a security deposit when moving into one of our partner properties.

Already Paid a Deposit?

No sweat! You can release your existing security deposit by replacing it with an Obligo Billing Authorization instead.

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