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At Obligo, we are committed to making proactive decisions to protect our Partners, and the renters that rely on both of us, in these troubling times. By releasing security deposits we can immediately help alleviate the financial strain caused by the COVID-19 crisis, and inject much-needed cash back into the hands of millions of American families. We are working on doing everything we can to help those who have been affected.

What’s an Obligo Billing Authorization?

An Obligo Billing Authorization is a secure and limited connection to a bank account. It enables owners and managers to charge residents up to the deposit amount, effectively replacing security deposits.

Deposit-Free Living

Giving an Obligo Billing Authorization enables qualified residents to keep their cash deposit, and only pay if their property manager submits a charge.

Obligo Keeps You Safe

Your property manager can only withdraw a limited amount, and unreasonable charges may be disputed, just like a normal deposit.

It’s Got Your Back

Don’t worry about big charges!
With Obligo you can pay in installments.

Join Our Community

Our community of deposit-free buildings keeps growing. Qualified residents will not be required to pay a security deposit when moving into one of our partner properties.

Already Paid A Deposit?

No sweat! You can release your existing security deposit by replacing it with an Obligo Billing Authorization instead.

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