Rid Yourself From The
Burden Of Security Deposits

Extra Protection - Enhanced Screening - 100% NOT Insurance
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A Better Security Deposit Alternative

As the only credit-backed deposit alternative, Obligo’s mission is to build trust between property owners and renters through financial technology. Learn how we created the most effective and transparent deposit alternative on the market.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Deposit-free properties are more attractive to residents, quicker to lease, easier to manage and yield higher NOI.

What’s an Obligo Billing Authorization?

It's a secure and limited connection to your resident's bank account, allowing you to charge for damages or missed rent. Keep renters accountable without burdening them with large upfront deposits.

Enhanced Security & Accountability

Owners get paid at once in case of damages or unpaid rent, while residents receive a credit line to pay back in installments.
Need extra protection? Use Obligo 3x and stay compliant.

Seamless and Compliant

Obligo is integrated with multiple software partners to match your flow. Let Obligo handle all move-in payments and cash deposits for a seamless and compliant leasing process.

What our Partners are Saying

Your Residents Are Good For It!

Use Obligo to build trust and strengthen the relationship with your residents. Learn about our security deposit return options.