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Deposit-free properties are more attractive to residents, quick to lease, easier to manage and yield higher NOI.

What’s an Obligo Billing Authorization?

An Obligo Billing Authorization is a secure and limited access to a bank account. It enables owners and managers to bill residents up to the deposit amount in case there is a claim, effectively replacing security deposits.

Financial Security & Resident Accountability

Each Obligo is backed with a standby credit line. Owners and managers always get paid in full as soon as a claim is made. If the resident is short on cash, Obligo will bill them in monthly installments.

Single, Fully Integrated Workflow!

Obligo is integrated with multiple software partners to match your flow. By supporting residents who don’t qualify for an Obligo Billing Authorization (or prefer to pay a deposit) & enabling move-in payments, Obligo provides a one-stop shop for all your residents, eliminating the need for paper checks.

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Use Obligo to build trust and strengthen the relationship with your residents. Learn about our security deposit return options.