Integrations: Proptech Solutions’ Unsung Hero

There is a magic word when it comes to emerging tech: Integration. Is your product integrated? Which platforms does it integrate with? Will there be an integration in the future? 

Integrations are an essential piece to the property management puzzle. Proptech companies that do integrations right are the ones who truly save time and energy for property managers day-to-day.

Proptech companies need to build their products in an API-first environment,” says Roey Dor, CEO and Co-founder of Obligo. “Doing so allows them to easily integrate with existing property management software, which ultimately helps power a better resident experience.”

The best integration is the one you don’t even know exists. It runs in the background autonomously without any manual effort required, whether it’s within a PMS system or your proprietary renter onboarding flow. 

The Importance of Integrations in Proptech Solutions

1. Improved Operational Efficiency

For property managers, operational efficiency means streamlining tasks to save valuable time — time that could be used to nurture relationships with the residents.

“If you are not efficient, your time is spent behind a desk instead of face-to-face. A property manager’s relationship with residents directly impacts Google reviews, renewal rates, and the amount of market rent the property can command,” said Jeanne Klein, former property manager at Greystar and a 17-year veteran of the property management industry.

Streamlining operations is at the core of Obligo’s integration solutions. Having an open API and fully integrated proptech solution means no more tracking, depositing, and posting payments manually. All deposit-free resident data will be instantly posted to the renter ledger within your property management software. 

A recent case study with Landmark Communities proved a 96% reduction in time spent on deposit related tasks. Landmark’s Director of City Center Operations, Tara Anthony said, “Of all the platforms we’ve integrated into our leasing process, Obligo is the easiest and smoothest. It’s a breath of fresh air.”

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2. Easier Implementation & Happier Teams

Property management is inherently fast paced. Your teams don’t want to waste time learning different software systems. With integrated operations, employees get less frustrated with the process, which increases their retention rate.

Most of our partners have extensive technology stacks, which causes their teams to log in and out of multiple platforms daily. Having the ability to control those services through one system that can act as a single source of truth mitigates the risk of human error. Not to mention, it’s a massive time saver and makes business operations much more scalable.

3. A Seamless Resident Journey

Not all integrations are created equal. The deeper your integrations are, the more embedded your resident experience will be. 

An embedded experience means residents can complete all move-in steps and pay necessary fees within one platform. They won’t be directed to external screens or required to create multiple accounts. 

Renters are bombarded with digital communication when they move to a new place. To avoid confusion, consistency is key. The renter’s journey should not be disrupted by flows that look or feel too different. 

Fully integrated with the leading PMS systems, Obligo provides residents with a seamless flow that minimizes friction and stress during an already stressful moving period. If a property manager chooses to white label Obligo, our deep integration ensures that the resident won’t feel any difference between the existing onboarding flow and Obligo’s — a truly embedded experience and a seamless customer journey.

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The Future Is Integration

We have heard from countless industry participants that integration is always at the forefront when choosing to implement a new software. Integrations with the leading PMS systems allow Obligo to offer a plug-and-play proptech solution for property managers — no dev work needed. 

“When a property manager wants to offer integrated deposit-free living, we are prepared to say, ‘We have API and webhooks, here you go, integrate away!’” said Lev Zimin, Head of Integrations at Obligo. “Integration is the true hero behind the scenes that allows tech innovations to benefit property managers.” 

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