Why 55% of Renters Said Obligo Was a Key Factor in their Rental Decision

Obligo’s deposit-free service is more than just a convenience—it’s a differentiator for both renters and leasing teams alike. Traditional security deposits can be a barrier for renters, tying up their funds and creating unnecessary stress during an already hectic moving process. Our deposit-free solution eliminates this obstacle by providing an alternative that allows qualified renters to quickly move in without paying a hefty upfront deposit.

Our recent survey of renters, spanning results from over 90 property management companies and over 650 renters, has revealed some exciting insights into the impact of our deposit-free amenity. According to our survey, 55% of renters cited our deposit-free option as a key factor in their decision to choose their current rental home. 

What exactly drives this preference? Let’s hear from the renters themselves:

In reviewing survey responses and renter quotes, a clear theme emerged: Our deposit-free amenity isn’t just a convenience; it’s important for renters who want flexibility during the costly and stressful process of moving.

Why leasing teams rely on Obligo to attract qualified renters

For leasing teams, offering Obligo’s deposit-free amenity can attract qualified applicants and significantly improve applicant conversion rates. Additionally, promoting Obligo’s deposit-free option demonstrates a commitment to tenant satisfaction and modernizing the renting experience, enhancing the overall appeal of your property and setting it apart from competitors.

Leasing teams using Obligo streamline the leasing process, reduce vacancy rates, and ultimately drive greater success in attracting and retaining tenants. Brent Morris, Managing Broker at Real Property Management® Triad, saves 4 days per resident in the leasing process. He also says:

With Obligo, our owners are happy because vacancies are filled faster, and our residents are happy because they’ve quickly secured a home.

Brent Morris, Managing Broker at Real Property Management® Triad

For property managers and owners, Obligo’s solution provides the same protection as a traditional security deposit, providing peace of mind while freeing up funds for renters to use elsewhere.

The Obligo Advantage: Flexibility & Faster Leasing 

At Obligo, we’re not just about providing a service; we’re about making a real difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s providing renters with financial flexibility when moving, or empowering property managers to attract qualified tenants and fill vacancies faster, we’re excited to continue to bring industry-changing rental solutions to millions of homes across the United States.

Are you a renter interested in living deposit-free but haven’t received an Obligo invitation from your property manager? Email us their contact information and we’ll reach out to them!

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