‘Tis The Season: The Most Trusted Property Managers of 2023

The Obligo team is thrilled to announce this year’s winners of our 4th annual Renter’s Trust Awards!

While security deposit deductions are a reality of the rental process, these award-winning property management companies have created first-class rental experiences by clearly setting renter expectations at move-in and move-out, transparently communicating the details of any charges, and monitoring their portfolio’s deduction rates over time. This approach helps properties reduce friction, avoid troublesome online reviews and disputes, and ultimately delight their renters.

When renters move out, Obligo measures a property’s security deposit deductions (if any), renter sentiment towards those deductions, and if any outstanding charges are paid back in full. The awards recognize property management companies that have achieved a high degree of trust with their renters based on these criteria.

The 2023 Renter’s Trust Award winners:

– Advantage Property Management Services | Single Family | California | Property Management Software: Propertyware

-AIR Communities | Multifamily | Nationwide | Property Management Software: Entrata

-Beam Living | Multifamily | New York | Property Management Software: Yardi & MRI

-Common | Coliving | Nationwide | Property Management Software: Entrata

-Empire Management | Multifamily | New York | Property Management Software: Yardi

-Equity Team LLC | Single Family | Ohio | Property Management Software: Propertyware

-Home Property Management | Single Family & Multifamily | Florida | Property Management Software: Buildium

-J&L Holding Corp | Multifamily | New York | Property Management Software: Yardi

-Landmark Communities | Multifamily | Pennsylvania | Property Management Software: Yardi

-Northern Virginia Property Management Pros | Single Family | Virginia | Property Management Software: Propertyware

-Patoma | Multifamily | New York | Property Management Software: AppFolio

-Rudin Management Company | Multifamily | New York | Property Management Software: Yardi

-Touchpoint Property Management | Single Family & Multifamily | North Carolina | Property Management Software: AppFolio

-Time Equities | Multifamily | Nationwide | Property Management Software: MRI

-Wolfnest Property Management | Multifamily & Single Family | Utah | Property Management Software: Propertyware

“At AIR, we pride ourselves on ensuring that residents are not just a part of a business ecosystem, but a part of our community,” said Ryan Lange, Operations Manager at AIR Communities. “With Obligo, we want to give residents the option of more flexibility in their lifestyle, and any time we can bring extra flexibility we absolutely adore it.”

“We’ve really focused from the beginning on making the resident experience as positive as possible,” said Russ Cowley, Broker/Owner at Advantage Property Management Services. “Obligo gives us a competitive advantage in our market. Roughly half of our residents take the Obligo offer, and the feedback has been positive. They like having the money in their bank account instead of ours!”

“It gives us great pleasure to recognize these exemplary property management companies,” said Roey Dor, CEO of Obligo. “Their dedication to excellent service and adoption of tech solutions like Obligo is setting a new standard for the industry.”


Looking to stay ahead of your competition, attract qualified renters, and create a first-class rental experience? Schedule a demo with us and learn how you can become one of the Most Trusted Property Managers in 2024.
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About Obligo
Obligo harnesses financial technology to build trust between renters and landlords, making the move-in and move-out process as simple as checking in and out of a hotel. As the first security deposit alternative utilizing bank-issued Letters of Credit supported by Wells Fargo, Obligo uses Open Banking and AI to determine renters’ eligibility to rent deposit-free.

Founded in 2018 by brothers Roey Dor and Omri Dor, Obligo has raised more than $50 million and is looking to bring its industry-changing rental solutions to millions of homes across the United States. 

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