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Burden Of Security Deposits

Simplify your move-ins and move-outs with our holistic suite of deposit solutions
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A Better Security Deposit Alternative

As the only credit-backed deposit alternative, Obligo’s mission is to build trust between property owners and renters through financial technology. Learn how we created the most effective and transparent deposit alternative on the market.

Streamline Your Leasing Accounting Operations

Eliminate security deposit management and stay protected with our fully integrated solution. No need for multiple workflows.

Easily Boost Your Bottom Line

Offer meaningful amenities to attract renters, boost retention, and optimize your bad debt.

Power a Better Resident Experience

Accelerate the leasing process with a flexible deposit alternative, certified move-in payments, and electronic deposit refunds.

Seamless and Compliant

Easily embed our best-in-class deposit-free solutions to match your needs, delight your customers and boost your bottom line.

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Your Residents Are Good For It!

Use Obligo to build trust and strengthen the relationship with your residents. Learn about our security deposit refund options.