2022 Wrapped: A Year of Innovation & Incredible Partnerships

As the year wraps, we want to thank all of our amazing partners for an exceptional 2022! Let’s take a look back at some insights and milestones worth sharing. 

Partner Highlights

To help partners ease their operational burden, boost their bottom lines and help them power a better resident experience, we continually seek out feedback to learn about their processes and pain points so we can provide the best possible deposit-free service.  

Some companies, like Landmark Communities and Real Property Management® Triad, shared exciting numbers on how they improved their businesses by using Obligo’s holistic deposit solution: 

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From easing staff burden to delighting residents, other partners also find significant benefits by going deposit-free with Obligo:

“Smart property owners/managers leverage technology to improve their workflows and tenant experience. Obligo is an important part of our process that helps us speed up the leasing process while providing our tenants an option to address their cash flow needs for their security deposit obligation.”

JP Rutigliano, Managing Partner at J & L Holding Corporation

“Offering deposit-free living with Obligo gives us an advantage. It provides more flexibility and ease on the tenant side and the guarantee that owners are looking for. Both sides are happy.”

Gary Harles, Director of Leasing at Investors Choice Realty

“The integration is great! It’s a no-brainer for us because we had previously been doing a lot of double entry in systems. With Obligo, we’re not jumping back and forth between platforms. You’re filling an absolute need for property managers.”

Andrew Gleaner, Senior Property Manager at Realty Solutions

Property Management Insights & Tips

This year, we invited numerous industry experts to offer insights on all things property management, from the top challenges in their daily operation and communicating with owners, to evaluating proptech solutions and planning for the new year. Their thoughts and experiences are highlighted in these popular blog posts: 

Top 5 Property Management Challenges Solved By Deposit-Free Living

The Art of Owner Communication: 4 Property Managers Share Their Advice

Piecing Together the Proptech Puzzle: Insights from Property Management Companies

Since deposit-free is our bread and butter, we created a myriad of content explaining why going deposit-free is a great choice for property managers, owners and residents, and how a holistic deposit solution like Obligo can help you: 

Boost your property’s NOI

Avoid high unit turnover cost & incentivize lease renewals

Know the key questions to ask before implementing a deposit-free renting solution

Next year, Obligo will continue meeting with property owners, operators and renters alike to facilitate this incredible exchange of ideas.

The Deposit-Free Software Partner of Choice

In 2022, Obligo partnered with two leading property management systems, AppFolio and Buildium, deepening our integrations capabilities and solidifying our position as the deposit-free software partner of choice.  

We partnered with AppFolio on their FolioGuard Security Deposit Alternative, powered by Obligo, to help rid more landlords and renters from the burden of security deposits. We were also the first to join the Buildium Marketplace, a new ecosystem of property management apps that allows Buildium users to have their entire tech stack under one roof.


Obligo’s scalable API-first technology, strict SLAs and best-in-class security powers a seamless and embedded deposit-free experience for software partners. We also improved the AI qualification engine in 2022, giving renters multiple paths to qualify to rent deposit-free. Now, over 90% of Obligo renters qualify instantly by connecting a single bank account!

Innovation with Wells Fargo

This year, we partnered with Wells Fargo and became the only security deposit alternative utilizing bank-issued Letters of Credit to provide landlords and tenants with security, flexibility and ease of transaction. With Wells Fargo, our vision of leveraging existing bank products to support proptech innovation has come to life, and Obligo is well on the way to expand deposit-free living to millions of households nationwide. 

Building Trust Between Landlords & Renters

For the third year in a row, we gave our annual Renter’s Trust Awards to 17 trustworthy property management companies, all of which exemplify Obligo’s core mission: to build trust between property owners, managers and renters. 

We celebrate these companies that go above and beyond in treating their renters fairly and communicating with them transparently. Bravo!

Onward & Upward

As Obligo grows, our story does too. Check out our new About Us page, which details how we got here, the problems we are solving for landlords and renters, and the people behind our mission. We also gave makeovers to our FAQ page and Blog page this year, making sure our content is as easily accessible and user-friendly as possible.

In 2023 and beyond, Obligo will continue celebrating our renters and partners who have rid themselves from the burden of security deposits. If you’re on board with our mission, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us — together, we can expand the deposit-free movement to benefit millions of renters across the U.S! 

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