How to Avoid Charges at Move-Out: The Must-Have Checklist for Renters

Your Move-Out Checklist

The average American can expect to move 11.7 times in their lifetime. If you’re a renter during any of these moves, you’ll want to do everything you can to restore your rental to its original condition and decrease the chance for charges against your security deposit. 

But don’t stress! We’ve got some tips to help you avoid charges at move out. We’ve even created a downloadable checklist to walk you through some steps to take before you hand back your keys.

Move-Out Checklist

Download Your Checklist

Tips to help you keep any potential charges as low as possible:Talk It OutTalk it Out: Ask your property owner or manager if they have a move-out checklist to ensure you’ve completed all the necessary tasks and to avoid any surprise charges. Be sure to schedule a walk-through inspection to review the rental together and address any outstanding concerns or issues.

Keep It Clean

Keep it Clean: Make sure to give your place a thorough cleaning before you leave. Vacuum those carpets, wipe down surfaces, and give appliances a good scrub. Leaving the property in top-notch condition will increase your chances of not being charged.Fix It Up

Fix It Up: If you cause any damage during your stay, take the initiative to make any necessary repairs before you move out. Patch up any wall holes, repair broken appliances, and replace any damaged fixtures. Taking responsibility for these items shows you’re trustworthy and can boost your chances of not being charged at move-out.

In preparation for move-out, Obligo sends a reminder email (& this checklist!) to all of its renters.

By downloading our full Move-out Checklist and following these recommendations, you’ll prove you’re a responsible tenant and ultimately hang onto more of your cash. Happy moving!

Looking to live deposit-free at your next rental? Ask your next property owner or manager if they offer Obligo! 

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